Hannah I Walsh - Paige A Turncliff - Dain Q Gore

October 31 - November 16, 2018
Fine Art Complex 1101 - Tempe, AZ

We three have come into our friendship by uncanny circumstances bestowed upon us by technology. Without the Internet, that infinite fount of cultural permutation, we would not have come to know each other so well as creative allies –or at all. Ever connected by archives upon archives of images and videos and sounds and text, we share a collective multimedia dreamworld. This show is as much an expression of each of ourselves as it is a love letter to the intellectual, emotional, digital hivemind that has grown between us and binds us together.
Beneath this skin of memes and nostalgia lies deeper still a profound interest in our present and tangible reality. Our work is a response to the religious and political pressures that exist in the outer world as well as within us, where we ever battle with our formative illusions of morality and identity. We explore all that is occult and devious not out of puerile rebellion, but out of a love and thirst for the many ways of viewing and experiencing this life.



A Wet Fever-Dream In Three Parts
Hannah I Walsh - Paige A Turncliff - Dain Q Gore

OCT 31 - NOV 16 2018


Come join us on the night of HALLOWS EVE at Fine Art Complex 1101 to experience the sensuous, supernatural worlds of three friendly freaks. Featuring new paintings, drawings, puppetry, and video art by les trois enfants terribles, you will be witness to visions of popular culture, gender identity, mythology, and corporeality unlike any other. Whether your be flesh, fur, or phantom, dress to impress and let the art do the rest!

* MATURE CONTENT! Viewer discretion advised!
* Costumes strongly encouraged
* Puppet performance schedule TBA
* Bring your freaky posse
* If your mind is not already open, we recommend trepanation.


Hannah Irene Walsh is a multimedia artist, arts educator, and journeyman tarologist. A lifelong Arizonan, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing (2012) from Northern Arizona University, and her Master of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting (2017) from Arizona State University. She was the 2016 recipient of the Arizona Artists Guild’s Ruth S Magadini Award, and NAU’s Ellery Gibson Art Memorial Scholarship in 2012. Her MFA thesis exhibition, Alter Ego || Altar Space, featured at ASU’s Harry Wood Gallery in April 2017. She resides in downtown Phoenix with two doves and two “indoor-outdoor” pigeons, and hosts Café Tarot, a monthly divination mixer.
Paige Annabelle Turncliff is an artist, musician, and animator from Brisbane, Australia. She completed her Bachelor of Animation in 2D and Alternatives (2009) from the Queensland College of Arts. In 2005, she was the winner of the Technology One Byte Awards, and also won the overall category of the Screen Culture Awards. Turncliff has animated commercials for television, designed large-scale corporate murals, and produced a variety of illustrations for musicians and other collaborative partners. In 2017 she published her first fully-illustrated comic ‘zine, Cooties, and is hard at work on its second volume, which will be released in October 2018. Her latest illustrations explore the “Bimbo Aesthetic”.
Dain Quentin Gore is a painter, art professor, and puppeteer. He graduated with his MFA in Painting (2009) and his BFA in Drawing (2000) at Arizona State University. Using a “magpie aesthetic” of random, wandering obsession, he presents cosmic myths mixed with apocryphal and controversial philosophies in a humorous way. Mr. Gore has shown his art from Beijing to Santa Fe, and regularly performs with The Great Arizona Puppet Theater. His current work, a fusion of painting and puppetry, is an exploration of fantasy, fear, and fetish.