Altar Preview

Coming soon... A testament to the duality of the sexes.

Beetle Stylus

Tonight I made a calligraphy stylus out of found objects.
The body is a burned palm frond, incised with relief printmaking tools. The nib is a plastic mouthpiece for a costume cigarette-holder that I carved to a point with a razor blade, and the beetle carapace was found in Camp Verde, AZ.
As to whether it actually works, I will have to wait and see until I've finished making some ink.

New Drawing - Catharsis - Moving Forward

I've been stuck for a while, coughing up sanguine in a graphite tomb.
I at last burst free of all this tar.
I was bleeding out the wrong fluid. My lifeblood, my red sustenance, is only an electrical conductor that carries out the production of colors beyond.
I've been gouging my insides when I should have been probing my brain; carefully trepanning so that these iridescent substances sublimate in defiance of gravity.
I have returned to the firmament, the source of my expressions both lingular and glandular. My work is made in the way that a beast marks a tree. It is pure lust and instinct. It must flow.

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