Flannel Ball 2016

I was invited to participate in a New Year's Eve pop-up art show at Lawn Gnome Publishing in downtown Phoenix. Here are a few pictures I was able to take with my tablet's awkward front-facing-only camera.
The theme was to make a new work by altering an old or found work. I happened to have a work in progress that is comprised of an unfinished oil painting on panel and found wood scraps. The panel was cut into three sections and fitted together with store-bought hinges.
The inside of the altar-cabinet was decorated with a collage of parts of abandoned paintings, as well as tarot cards and fortune cookie papers that I'd been saving in my wallet.
The collage elements will be dismantled as I move on to create new paintings and relief inside the altar-cabinet. However this little project was a great exercise in letting go of unfulfilled works and leaping forward into a new year.